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Meet the Team


Chesstime is a private cooperative club whose aim is to bring inspiration to the future of the world. Founded in November 2022, Chesstime's mission is to foster an environment that keeps you coming back. Friendly and warm, we want you to have your best time at Chesstime!

We welcome all to come and enjoy and participate in chess events and tournaments. Interested in being a coach? Learn and work alongside some of the finest coaches in Cincinnati that are always looking for new students! 

Chesstime is represented by the Hoffner Lodge Gallery, a community filled with lovely shops and food spots both within and around the building. 

We hope to see you soon! 

Event Archives 

1st Annual Juneteenth Event - June 17th, 2023 

Chesstime's first annual Juneteenth chess tournament at Eden Park was full of excitement, fun and wonder! A big, appreciative thank you to everyone who showed up and participated! 

We wonder how next year will go, will you be there? 

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