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Important Notice!! 

On March 31 Chesstime will close and will be relocating to Tennessee.
We sincerely thank all the members and participants of Chesstime in Cincinnati Ohio! 

Gaining Masterful Skills and Knowledge 

Welcome to Chesstime! Explore the hidden wonders of chess through encouraged training, practice, and teaching. We aim to teach chess in a way that encourages curiosity and self-determination. Put simply, we want you to have your best time at Chesstime! 


Get to Know Us

From a small idea, we wanted to provide a space where individuals can join a community that embraces their love and interest in chess. Chesstime was created with the intention of inspiring, teaching, and helping others realize their strengths both on an off the board 

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From classes to tournaments, we aim to provide experiences that create everlasting memories while sharpening one's skills. 

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Weekly Classes 


Learn tips, techniques, and more to master the board!

Test your skills with others and compete for prizes and more! 

Meet the Team 

Below are our esteemed staff and coaches. We welcome all to come and enjoy and participate in chess events and tournaments. Interested in being a coach? Learn and work alongside some of the finest coaches in Cincinnati that are always looking for new students!

Chess Pieces Close-up

Malcolm Turner


Chess Pieces

Hazen Frick

Coach/ Instructor


Arnold Franklin

Coach/ Instructor 


Robert Chenault

Chesstime Director/ Certified Tournament Director/ Coach/ Instructor 

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