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  • First Annual JUNETEENTH Chess Tournament
    Jun 17, 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM EDT
    Cincinnati, 950 Eden Park Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA
    Cash Prizes to Top 3 winners: - 1st place: $1000 - 2nd place: $500 - 3rd place: $250


Juneteenth Cincinnati INC, and
The Juneteenth festival are NOT 
responsible for the chess
tournament and prizes


We welcome all to come and enjoy and participate in chess events and tournaments. Interested in being a coach? Learn and work alongside some of the finest coaches in Cincinnati that are always looking for new students!


From weekly classes, private sessions, or tournaments, Chesstime Cincinnati offers the chance to learn, test, and sharpen your skills at any level! We gladly welcome from all levels and age groups! 


Chesstime is a local collaborative that strives to bring value, honor, and dedication to the chessboard. Here we believe in the valuable lessons chess can teach: patience, strategy, balance, and more. We provide a multitude of services and lessons designed to educate oneself on the ins and outs of the chessboard. Overall, our vision is a community in which chess lovers small and big can network and learn from one another. 


We hope to see you sometime! 

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